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Tel: 01578 / 9135857

      about me

      I was born in East-Africa / Eritrea.
      Started playing golf at the age of 6.
      Handicap 3 at the age of 13.
      At the ag of 18 I started playing on the PGA African Tour.

      In 2003-2006 I trained together with Nabil Gharbi in Berlin, Germany.
      Nabil Gharbi is PGA Pro of Tunesia, member of the German Golf Academy
      and "most valuable player" of 2007 in North & East-Africa. He was trained
      a long time by the teacher of Vijay Singh.

      I teach golf for over 25 years.
      Right now I am free golfteacher in Berlin / Brandenburg, Germany.

      I speak the following languages:
      German, English, Italian, Arabic,
      Turkey, Greek, Ethiopian Language.